Dr Jack Newman’s Visit : Brief Report and Materials

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Dr Jack Newman's lecture week in Singapore was well–attended by doctors and nurses, who found his sessions informative, very practical, and wide-ranging in subject. The main Seminar for healthcare professionals, and the 7 lectures delivered at different restructured and private hospitals were attended by 488 doctors, 712 nurses, 43 allied health professionals, and 17 medical students. At the Healthcare Professionals’ Seminar, Dr Chong Yap Seng delivered a helpful lecture on “Long-term Benefits of Breastfeeding”.

The Public Forum was attended by 234 participants who appreciated both Dr Newman’s sessions, as well as Mrs Patricia Koh’s on “Building Your Child’s Confidence.”

Dr Newman’s greatest impact was to help his audience “see” when breastfeeding is proceeding as it should. His video clips were very effective in helping mothers and healthcare professionals alike to understand the proper feeding process clearly.

Check out key areas of concern below, and refer to the
Dr Jack Newman Handouts and video clips for help.

Correct Latch.
  This is the important first step to breastfeeding. Check the video clips “Correct Latch I” and “Correct Latch II” at http://www.gentlemothering.ca/DRNewmanVideos.html.
Check out also “First Latch”, “Second Latch, Some Compression”, “Third Latch”.
When baby latches on the nipple, he hardly gets any milk. When he latches over the areola, he gets what he should. It is that simple.

Is Baby Sucking?
  Dr Newman teaches you to observe for the “pause” in baby’s chin. Each “pause” means baby got a mouthful of milk; the longer the pause, the more milk he has got. Check http://www.gentlemothering.ca/DRNewmanVideos.html. for “The Pause” - How Baby is Getting Milk.

  This is a very useful technique to help the baby who is not drinking as well to obtain more milk. The clips “Compression”, “Compression 2” at http://www.gentlemothering.ca/DRNewmanVideos.html. Mum needs to feel the rhythm of when to compress, and when to release, along with baby’s sucking. The handout on “Breast Compression” complements the video clips.

Is Baby Getting Enough Milk?
  This is a perennial concern of breastfeeding mums! By following the good guidelines for a good latch, and learning to tell when baby is getting milk with every suck, the best foundation is laid. Handout “Protocol to Increase Breastmilk Intake by the Baby” is helpful.

Using the Lactation Aid.
  Sometimes mum’s supply is very low, or baby is unable to suck well for some reason or other. Mum and baby may have been separated for a while. Dr Newman stresses that mums learn best to breastfeed by breastfeeding, and babies learn to suck well by breastfeeding. He recommends the use of a Lactation Aid, which can be improvised, to achieve this. Use of such an aid is described in the handout “Lactation Aid”, and viewed at http://www.gentlemothering.ca/DRNewmanVideos.html.

Check out other helpful topics here, at “Dr Jack Newman’s Handouts” and www.thebirthden.com/Newman.html