About Us

Mission: The Association for Breastfeeding Advocacy (Singapore) is committed to the well-being of both mothers and babies and will do its utmost to promote, protect and support breastfeeding to ensure that babies get the best start in life.

Here at ABAS, we strive to:

  • promote the Baby-Friendly Health Initiative in all maternity units in Singapore.
  • undertake and facilitate public education programmes aimed at raising breastfeeding awareness.
  • equip healthcare professionals with the relevant information to support and care for lactating mothers 
  • work with relevant agencies on policies that will enhance infant health through acceptable breastfeeding practices.
  • liaise, network and collaborate with similar bodies in other countries.
  • monitor the practices and trends of breastfeeding in Singapore.
  • encourage research on breastfeeding and related issues.

Since November 2003, ABAS has been a Registered Society in Singapore. It initially functioned under ‘Singapore Breastfeeding Promotion Committee’ from January 2001 to October 2003, and continues to comprise representatives from restructured, private and university hospitals, Health Promotion Board (HPB), educational institutions (NUS, NYP School of Nursing) and relevant national societies (Paediatric, Perinatal, O&G).

Mothers should be given every support to exclusively breastfeed their infants (feeding only human milk, without supplementation with other drinks or food) from birth to 6 months old.

Complementary foods can be introduced at about 6 months of age while continuing to breastfeed until 2 years and beyond.

All health professionals should take a strong stand to promote, protect and support breastfeeding as a societal norm, and encourage support by the family and community.

Parents in Singapore should be adequately educated about the differences between formula milk, breast milk and breastfeeding to make an informed choice about infant feeding. 

Breastfeeding has numerous undisputed health benefits to the child and mother, and many benefits to the community. 

The breastfed baby is the gold standard for normal growth and development.

This Policy Statement is endorsed by Health Promotion Board, Association for Breastfeeding Advocacy (Singapore), Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Singapore, National University Hospital, KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital and Thomson Medical Centre.


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Executive Committee 2024/2026

President: Dr. Chua Mei Chien
Vice-Presidents: Dr Darryl Lim, Dr Yvonne Ng
Hon. Secretary: Cynthia Pang
Hon. Treasurer: Sharon Lee

Charissa Lim
Dr Mythili Pandi
Dr Pooja Agarwal
Dr Rachel Lee
Dr Yang Li Ying
Liow Peck Hoon
Renie Wu


Ordinary Members are institutions and associations who are committed to breastfeeding promotion. Our current Ordinary Members are:

There are Individual Members who are part of ABAS, most of whom are healthcare professionals in private practice. They are committed to breastfeeding promotion and are approved as Individual Members by the Executive Committee.